Campus Ministry and Congregations

by Pastor Lindean Barnett Christenson of Christ the King Lutheran Church

As a pastor of an ELCA church in Bozeman, I love the partnership between LCM and congregations. We can do and be more together than on our own. Congregations have gifts and opportunities to offer students that only an intentionally intergenerational community can provide. At the same time, students have a ton to offer to congregations, sharing gifts of their faith, time, energy, experience, music… the list could go on and on. In addition to creating student-focused community, Lutheran Campus Ministry often serves as a bridge for students looking for a congregation to call home while they’re away from home for college.

One fun tradition at Christ the King Lutheran Church (CtK) which has developed over the last few years, is for our college Bible study group, which normally meets at a local coffee shop on Wednesday nights, to meet at CtK during Holy Week. Those gathered stuff all of the eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt on Easter morning – and there are lots of eggs. There’s always pizza, and plenty of candy sampling. It also provides an opportunity to talk about the events of Holy Week, how they observed it in their home congregations, and how it all fits together in their lives now. It’s a tradition I hope lasts for a long time.


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