Here are some past events that LCM at MSU has been involved in.

Febuary 21st 2018 – Fork and Spoon Night of Service

fork and spoon group photo

Students and alumni from Lutheran Campus Ministry-MSU, Bozeman, MT serving at Fork and Spoon on February 21, 2018, at a local ‘pay as you can’ restaurant designed for all to be fed.  Fork and Spoon is 95% volunteer based with the HRDC of Bozeman, MT, sponsoring the project.  Only the supervisors and chefs are paid.  All food is donated as much as possible; groups like ours serve 100 people a night, from 4:30pm-7:30pm.  Everyone goes home fed, loved, and cared for!  It was a humbling experience for all!               -Kathie Larson Aasheim, LCM-Bozeman, MT.


February 2/3/2018

chico landscape.jpg

Pastor Kathie led a group of 12 students on a retreat to Chico Hotsprings with the theme of “Turning from Hate to Love” in which they discussed ways that hate is expressed in themselves and others and how to see beyond that to heal and help others heal from grief, sadness, pain, and guilt.

Assorted past event photos, enjoy!


You are invited to reach out to Pastor Kathie Aasheim, who serves as the Lutheran Campus Ministry Pastor, with any questions or comments:

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