Student Leadership

Jocelyn Gates

“I am majoring in Cell Biology, Neuroscience and have a passion for meaningful conversation, hiking, and fellowship.  I was born and raised in Helena, MT.  I hope to be a Physician’s Assistant in the future and am the oldest of three girls….drama, I know!”




Megan Bahnmiller

“Hi! My name is Megan Bahnmiller. I grew up in Great Falls, Montana (it’s about 3 hours north of Bozeman.) I am the secretary of Lutheran Campus Ministries. I am a studying Nutrition Science here at MSU. I hope to eventually be able to take that into the oral health field. At this point I am thinking general dentistry or orthodontia. When I am not studying, I can be found hiking one of the many trails near Bozeman, playing board games and card games with friends, or watching movies at my house!”


Natalie Sturm
Natalie Sturm
Maia Grudzien

“I’m a engineering student hoping to go on to graduate school after completing my degree at MSU. I eventually hope to go into the transportation field. I am originally from the Seattle area and have a love for outdoor sports, music, fitness, and cooking.”

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