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A few years ago, while visiting a Benedictine retreat center, I heard a homily by one of the brothers, a gentle German man with a thick accent. The homily centered on Jesus’ ascension in Acts chapter 1. Since the ascension text comes up during graduation season he adeptly observed how Jesus’ ascension and our loved ones’ graduations possess a similar quality. Both experiences are about relationships going through changes. Both events include a sense of loss coupled with a feeling of expectation. 

While the disciples are “gazing up toward heaven,” saying goodbye to Jesus in one form, they are looking forward to his coming again in another form. While we are celebrating our graduates - high school, undergrad, and grad - we are saying goodbye to one phase of life and looking forward to the next phase. Graduation season, like the disciples’ experience with Jesus’ ascension, is a time of grief mixed with hope, sorrow mingled with joy, and saying goodbye while getting ready to greet the next stage of life, whatever it may bring. 

This year LCM Campus Ministry recognizes and blesses our graduating seniors. With deep gratitude and some sadness, of course, we wish them well as they enter the next season of life. Congratulations to Andrew Chauvin, Jenna Henson, Rebecca Hennings, Jaime Horn, Lucas Oelkers and Morgan Neavill as they receive their diplomas, and prayers for guidance and provision as they discover what God has in store for them in the days and years to come. 

Christ’s Peace,

JP Carlson, Campus Pastor