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Our spring break trip to Guatemala, March 13-20th, is just around the corner. 7 students and I - you can call us "Los Ochos Locos" if you'd like - are preparing to immerse ourselves in a different culture through a variety of service, learning, and worship opportunities.

We are grateful to our many gracious hosts for making this possible:

CEDEPECA, aka, "The Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America," is providing lodging, transportation, programming and translating.

La Puerta Abierta, the school we will serve through purchasing supplies and building a playground, is laying the groundwork for our project in the town of Santiago Atitlan.

Church officials, school staff and leaders from multiple communities are preparing lessons, lectures and tours for us.

We are going to serve, but it's clear that we will be served by many during our brief stint in their beautiful country. 

In a profound moment with his disciples, Jesus stooped down and washed their feet, a job usually reserved for a household servant. When he finished he said, "So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet." Service, at least the way Jesus enacts and teaches it, is not "service to" or "service for," as if you're superior to those you serve, but "service with." It is mutual, involving both giving and receiving, serving and being served.

The students traveling to Guatemala are getting an incredible opportunity to practice Jesus' version of service, to "serve with," to give and receive Christ's love in a unique context. If you would like to support the students in their service, you can choose from multiple options. 

1. Click the "Give" tab on our website and choose the "Guatemala Trip" pull down option.

2. Participate in the Rent-A-Cat Program. Hire one of the students for an odd job and donate to LCM on their behalf. 

3. Donate via the "MSU Giving Day" online fundraiser on February 15-16. 

4. Attend our Guatemala Luncheon/Fundraiser on Sunday, February 26 @ First Presbyterian Church in Bozeman. The Guatemalan meal starts at 11:30am and our presentation begins at 12:15PM. 


JP Carlson, Campus Pastor