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In just a few short weeks LCM Campus Ministry will embark on yet another school year journey. This year classes begin on Wednesday, August 23 and then we’re off to the races with Catapalooza on August 25, our first Wednesday gathering on August 30, the fall retreat at Fairmont on September 8-9, and monthly Taize services beginning on September 10. That list does not even include the start of a new bible study, the continuation of our work with the Mobile Soup Kitchen, Divine Donuts, Case of the Mondays Coffee and opportunities to worship with our partner congregations on Sundays: Bozeman United Methodist, Hope Lutheran, First Presbyterian and Christ the King. 

Why so many worship opportunities? Why all the gatherings? Why reach out beyond the MSU campus? I guess you could say it’s in our name. LCM is a place to be Loved, Called and Moved. Loved by God. Called into community. Moved to serve. We want our students and all of our partners in ministry to encounter God’s love, experience a welcoming embrace, and embody Christ’s love through service. 

You’re welcome to get in on LCM and all it stands for if you’d like. Check out the rest of this website, shoot me in email, or just show up to one of our events. Whatever seems best to you. 

Yours in Christ, 

JP, Campus Pastor